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—— nger » muuaninmnis ' …… Paul Schm¡rr >m-.-» … ,… …… ww …xmun: The purpose o|f Attitudes, lighting philosophy or design contepts. Call it what you Will, but what it boils down to is that at tours Poulsen we create light whi(h we believe in , and for a purpose lhis attitude to light has chara(terised our work sin(e it began … 1924 and has been greatly influenced by our asso(iation With Pou| Henningsen PH was a true pioneer. A man with strong beliefs whith still define our approa(h to light, quality and design. le(hnr(ally speaking, a light itxture is a shade or a refle(tor surrounding a light sour(e But lortunately it is also mu(h more than that. Pou| Henningsen, Arne Ja(obsen, Christian Flindt, Louise (ampbell, Ross Lovegrove and many others have applied their preti' sion, creativity, ingenuity, aesthetizs and belreis to give light both iorm and beauty through their light fixtures louis poulsen rghl they have all had an opinion on light and a purpose for light. this issue oi louis Home takes you on an amazing Journey ¡rom modern ar(hite(ture to the raw walls of a slaughterhouse. We also have the pleasure ot introduting two new Yates to our gallery ot light design» ers , Danish 0ivind Alexander Slaatto and Japanese Oki Sato trom Nendo Studio Both have very (leaf views on their produ(ts and on quality living and lighting Perhaps there is a purpose in everything We believe light should be pleasant and human—iriendly and help perle(t the ex' pertence ot a room We hope you Will be inspired to explore new possibilities tor the way you light your home. Be(ause light brings happiness, and the right light makes the world 3 slightly more beautiful and pleasant plate to be -'1-HJPW Ught r 7 - S,, W [OH º*'9'3mU JH by,—' the [word Th ¿… … He¡dw Z¡Ir Jí the mght sky (0Hee Lab - Pí4')dU(li thngraphy sam Glahxk.Prmt mtmmaptuc *…; »… ¡. 5%… ya… .… $….asa. e…í … ive got a friend This was the title oi Carole King's 1971 hit on the joy ol good lriendship. The song now has a new meaning, but in a slightly diilerent tontext. This new table lamp ¡rom Louis Poulsen iS a personal and intimate lamp, with Whl(h you quickly form a strong bond At hrst glante you might think it looks like a tlassi( arthrte(t's lamp But as soon as you touth it, you Will discover a dramatit (hange, the atypr (al and arthetypitai ¡amp head is mouided to your hand and designed so your lingers automatically (ome into tontatt With the on—sw¡tth NJ? table is pleasant to be with and eagerly adapts to your needs and aztrvrties. Featuring two light intensities, the lamp iS easy to set for ati mosphere or work. With its innovative spring system, the lamp is easily positroned to suit the situation , high or low, short or long. NJ? table is the result ol the first design proje(t between Louis Poulsen and Japanese designer Oki Sato ¡rom nendo Studio the simple har— monit design makes the lamp perfett lor both the oilite and home. Alxhough NJP ¡s a svingenl and imunsw ¡able |amp, ¡¡ conlrasts beautifully with sofi inle1iors and works in many semng& It is a perfect desk lamp, but ils simple expression also looks good on a bedside (able, hookshelf 0Í side' board, or anywhere you need a warm 0395 of light. A work |amp with buxlvin ambience. You've gol a new friend. Interview with Givind Slaatto “WJgnl nkaand rnoves ma©s nm3happy“ "Light moves me and makes me happy . .“ says Givind, leaning back in his (hair. He is dressed casually in a pair of)eans, a short—sleeved shirt and blue Adidas sneakers Hrs hair l5 discreetly styled His gaze is focused; clear evidence of a man with a burning passion tor ht$ protes» sion. ln addition to having designed one 01 the most ¡tonic loudspeakers tor Bang & 0lutsen, he has now entered into a working relationship with Louis Poul' sen, resulting in the creation ot Patera, the geometric pendant. Divrnd pauses brietly and then continues: “A doctor once told me that I was sensitive to light, i.e that my mood , good or bad , changes With the light For example, I always lind light trade tairs exhausting; I can easily ignore a poor piece ot lurniture because l (an always walk away from it, but light has a prolound influence on me .. It can generate a magnilrcent teel' ing, and make people look pretty or plain. Generally speaking, I ¡eel there is too much artificial light I'm a great believer in Poul Henningsen's rl|umination philos» ophy with regard to structure, shadows, gtare and colour reproduction … the context of people's need tor light. I match my rhythm to that ol the day: I get up when the sun rrses and go to bed when darkness falls.“ aivind turns his eyes towards the Window and assesses the overtast conditions outside. "Daylight it's the natural exposure that is so extremely important to us. The light in southern countries is highly expressionist. Here in the north, it is less imposing. More poetic “ It is nature in general , not just daylight , that is im- portant to Zivind. ”I'm an aesthete, Creating beautiful things gives me an immediate sense of well-being and provides me with an excuse to create aesthetic things; it is actually this experience that makes me happy. In na- ture, you are surrounded by aesthetrcs. Nature is robust and has survived lor millions ot years A tree is identi- (al above and below , but no—one realises that. I have never decoded the att ol creation or the complexity it entails, but this is what aesthetics means to me. There is no conllict between design and aesthetics. That is why I draw my inspiration lrom nature.” It is therefore no surprise that Patera, the new pendant, is heavily inspired by nature, particularly the Fibonacci pattern "The pattern is expressed in the logarithmit curve that PH uses in his shades, which gives Patera a unique and variegated pat— tern and shape, depending on where you are ob— serving it from .. The pattern brings the light to lite.“ aivind sits up straighter in his chair and takes a sip ol water. ”The light streams out on all sides, and Patera is a permeable sphere lrom which the light emanates You can draw visor lines in all directions.“ Zivind grew up among artists, and many ol his lriends and acquaintances today make their living (rom art. He originally studied at the Royal Danish Academy ol Music in Copenhagen and played mu— sic lrom the age ol five until he turned 30, when a serious concussion turned his lile upside down. ”I wasn't allowed to play lor a year on account of the (oncussion, and once that year was over I no longer wanted to play music. I haven't played since. I envied the haker, who baked 15 loaves lor 15 families to eat. (reating something tangible became important to me, and as my notice board was gradually filling up with drawrngs, there was only one option.“ Despite the lact that seven years have now passed since he put down his tuba and started down a new path as a graduate ol The Roy- al Danish Academy ol Fine Arts , School of Design, music has not abandoned him completely. ”In the same way as with music, design must be intuitive. No-one gives a thought to all the hours spent slav— ing away in a basement to make a piece ol music sound just right , and nor should they. It should be natural and intuitive for everyone watching and listening. It's a question ol taking something complex and making it natural.” The same applies to Patera, the new pendant. Zivind spent hours and hours drawing the model. ”My ultimate goal was to create a three—dimensional Sudoku. it was an extremely mathematical assignment. ln lact, it's the most complex light i have ever made I think it has a certain poetry about it, and my aim was to construct a modern crystal chandelier. I hope people Wl|| leel inspired to move around it. I hope it generates Iile. it was originally intended primarily for the prolessional market, but more and more people are living in large rooms today > and a large pendant serves as an excellent cenv trepoint It should not simply illuminate the room, but lunction as a ritual meeting point, |ust like the fireplace used to do. This is a role I think Patera fulfils particularly well.” Welcome to the greenerv Imagine that you live in an orangery and that every morning you awaken to the twittering of birds, the tolours of nature and the first rays of the sun. Throw open the doors and let the light and the tool morning air flow in Eat breakfast while the sun rises and (hases away the dew, Enjoy the ltght as it (hanges during the day. And let dusl< settle with its melancholy and refle(tive mood. fhere is nothing to tompare With natural daylight. Even though we at Louis Poulsen devote muth of our time to lamps, we adore natural light. At the same time, we know that even the lightest and ainest room demands good lighting that can add new dimensions and take over when the daylight fades. fhat is why we simply (ouldn't resist when we were offered the (han(e to see what our lamps (ould add to the ultimate light room: an original English hothouse built in fine with all artistit tonven' tions and traditions of (raftsmanship in the highlands ofjutland. fhat day in the orangery confirmed the importante of lamps to the ambiente and the perception of a room. From a lun(lt0nal perspeztrve, the tiassrt lamps by PH, Wohlert and Arne Jatobsen ensure that the fight for working in and preparing food is pleasant, and that it features the :orrett tolour reproduztron and (ontrast. At the same time, the lamps have the (apaoty to bring together the furnishings rn small, wel(oming oases. So please feel free to play with the light and, for example, hang pendants suth as the 000' Woo and PH 50 low, or use Nendo's latest interpretation of the arthrtett lamp as mobile illumrnation that you (an change to suit the shiftrng funttions of the room as the day progresses. Above it all towers Patera , the new large room pendant from Bivind Slaatto , which was inspired by nature's perfect Splfal, delightfully supplementing the natural light, and taking over when the sun goes down behind the orangery. Mette Lund WDHLERT DOO—WDP MOSER ¡' , ¡ .. * X b/W con rest Bla(k, white. Old, new. Simple, de(orated Contrasts ]end (hara(ter to your home and add life and personality thh its invittng communal areas and calm cases, lh|5 minima]|st apartment … Amager, Copenhagen, provides an atmospheri( ba(kdrop to daily Me for a small family. The apartment beautifully demonstrates that funttlonaltty and treativity (an go hand in hand to create a charming and effittent home throughout, simple solutions and modern design have been iuxtaposed with the octupants' great passion for fine retytled items and a plethora of graphit art Exquisitefy simple but very effemve fhe same applies to the fighting, whrth ranges from (lassit PH light fixtures and Arne Jatobsen's table ¡amp to more playfuf solutions such as Panthella and M Shutters lamps. Chosen thh stylistit confidente from very different eras and used to emphasise the spettal atmosphere and funttxon tn eazh of the apartment's different zones. Mette [und 30 »: Jasper Ray Organic design by the ford Villa Revheim is located close to the shores ot Halrs» tjord, just outside the city ol Stavanger The organi— cally designed residence was drawn by renowned architect Tammie Wilhelmsen and is situated on a sunny plot, right next to the water and backed by the magnilicent Norwegian coastal landscape The distinctive low stone wall neatly encircles the pr0p' erty in the same way as such walls were previously used to mark the borders of old tarms in South— West Norway. The dark exterior la;ades present a logical and interesting contrast to the light woodwork of the interior walls , giving the residence a strong yet simultaneously accommodating look. The large glass doors in the building run from floor to (al ing, making it possible to open large sections ot the lacade in the direction ol the water, thus al— Iowmg the exterior environment to become part ol the home. The slidrng glass doors also contribute to establishing a light, open and airy space, where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors gently disappear. As a result, the pleasant stent ol the salt water and the verdant coastal countryside can watt in as an accompanrment to breaklast every mor— ning, if you Wish louis Poulsen was given the opportunity to put lor Ward a lighting suggestion for the residence , both indoors and Outdoors. We started by illuminating the garden, where we positioned the minimalist and elegant bollard lights designed by Christian Flindt on the lawn alongside the terrace. For those dark autumn evenings on the terrace, we titted A] 50 wall lights around the open and organically de' signed seating area. Indoors, the floating and transparent Enigma 545 pendant had already found its place over the glass— topped kitchen table betore we even arrived The owners wanted a light, airy pendant that did not obstruct the magnificent view out over the ljord. The residence leatures a variety of caretully con' sidered and specially designed details, and the combination ol glass, light woodwork and concrete makes the building an idiosyncratic home. With the emphasis on modern Scandinavian design, it was only natural lor us to suggest Arne Jacobsen's A] table lamp as the reading light in the lounge, along With A] Eklipta 220 fixtures on the rounded stayepanelled walls. A Snow lloor Iamp trom Lou— ise Campbell was positioned next to the expres sive Brarne Melgaard painting to contribute to the tranquillity and ambiente desired in the room. And the iconic PH Artrchoke , in white , was accorded pride ot place above the Super Ellipse table, ¡rom where the residents can enjoy the magniticent Nor dic light, the openness, and the constantly chang— ing surface ol the water right outside their lounge window. Gjermund Tangen 33 ==:==_…_…___…E__==_7____,==__ .…. .:…EEa … . . 13% .u¡… … ) . _. _… ……u : :_:_f_……,. “_ FLINDT P Enk Zappnn s— ¡… Enksen The W0i|d of Heidi Zilmer Handprinted bowler hats in gold leal and piayful interpretations ol Nordi( knitting patterns it is hard not to lali head over heeis tor Heidi Zilmer and her magnilicent handprinted wallpaper. And we surrendered un(onditionally when we distovered that she has intluded a PH |amp in one ol her Works, treated to honour the great ¡(ons ol Danish design. Heidi insists on being referred to as a 'master painter' rather than an 'artist', and she works passionately to (onvert the traditional tethniques oi the painting proiession into tontemporary expressions suitable lor appiitation in modern arthitezture and homes. For us here at Louis Poulsen, the meeting with Heidi Ziimer was an absolute pleasure and led to enthusiastiz conversations about what makes good (ralt, the ¡oy of making an efiort, and the meeting between classi(ai and modern. Betause it is here, where tontrasts (oliide, that homes betome fastinating and personal. For good examples We need look no further than the wallpaper designs that ieature traditional Nordic knitting patterns, Whl(h have been simplilied to a no'iriils, modern expression , but are still handpainted With networks ot tiny cratks and variations in the colours At the same time, the wallpaper itseil citen generates a striking tontrast when it takes up its position, thai|enging the numerous white walls that tend to dominate houses and homes today. In the same way, we at louis Poulsen have noted that (|855l(5 5U(h as the PH 5 and AJ lamps , whith have been launched in a new (olour spettrum in retent years , ome again appear modern and relevant to a new generation The design, the (raltsmanship and the quality are still the same, but the expression has been updated and provides inspiration lor new and surprising combinations. Mette Lund 39 APANTHELLA PATERA' "*"'ff7, — ? wi 1 “1“ DE ¡. Hsbel¡ wm…am Holiday home ambience all oor round The house was originally the grandparents' holiday home, and holds tountless pretious memories When the detision was made to take over the house and (onvert it into a year—round home tor the grandchild and her family, it was therefore a high priority to maintain the light, airy summer atmosphere … the house And they suueeded. Thanks to the light tolours used inside and out, natural materials, simple furnishings , and good lighting. The outside walls (ombine rendered britk in a light grey shade and white painted timber (ladding A paved pathway leads to the main door, where a die tast aluminium Tolbod 220 wall lamp looks good in the sunshine and provides attrattive downward light when darkness falls. When the Filippa apple tree near the shed blooms in spring, spa(e betomes restricted on the path The residents therefore seletted the tompatt Hamann wall lamp, also made of die cast aluminium, which has a founded shape and light distribution which matrhes the Toldbod fixture. inside, the walls are painted white and the ¡leer ¡5 pine boards treated with whitepigmented oil The few permitted (olours have (onsciously been reserved for loose furnishings which can be eas— ily removed, su(h as the blatk leather PKZZ sota and a Persian carpet with dark red hues. A tew colour versions of the residents' favourite light fixture, A], have also been (hosen. The blue/green A] Table lamp in the guest room detorates the small white table and white Ant (hair beautifully The A] Floor ¡amp in the lounge room serves as a portable reading light as well as general room lighting. The Doo—Wop pendant providing light in the thildren's bedroom emits downward and upward light, while also (reating sott room lighting The brass edition ot the pendant was chosen, and the residents detided not to polish it, leaving it to develop the beautiful patina untreated hrass gains over time ida Prastegaard 31 HOMANN 535 %: … 5552 333 … ,. Fredericia io rever Frederitia Furniture is a Danish lurniture design institution Many of us have grown up with Hans ]. Wegner's 116 rotlmmm. Desrgn Pou| Henningsen nmsh Hrgh lustre chrd me plaled Whrte npa| grass Marerra1 shades Mdd¡hhhuwn whrle opar grass Suspension Hrgh rds1re (hmme p1axed, spun alumrmdm Drmensrons Dlan7ele(200mm,hergh1140mm PH 2/1 SÍEMFITÍ4NG, Desrgn Pour Henmngsen F|msh Hrgn …Slre (hrome prared whne … glass Marerrar Shades Mo…hdown whrle opar grass Body Hrgh Mitre chrome plaled, br¿ss smkex (over High hrs¡re chrome p1a1ed, spun a1dmrmum Drmerrsrdns D|amelei 596mm, hergh1339mm PH 3/z PENDANÍ. Desrgn Pndr Hehmngsen F|msh Blatk chrome plaled orhrgh1ds1reehrumephted whneopar grass Ma¡erlal shades Mnums b1dvm whrle dpar glass Suspension Bla(k(hmme p1a1ed drhrgh rustre (hrome prared, brass Drmensrdns Drameter 290mm, hergh1242mm For derads of ¡… sour(es, waltages and light sour(e sizing, please rele1 m Light Some Overview on our website: www,¡ouispou¡sen.mm . PH 2/1 PENDANY Desrgn Pour Henmngsen . PH 2/1 57EMFITTING Desrgn Paul Herrmrrgserr . PH 3/Z PENDANT Deslgn Pour Herrmngsen 77 78 ff¿… !í/1N ¿ . PH 3/2 ACADEMY Deswgn Paul Henningsen . PH 3V1—3 PENDANÍ De51gn Paul Henmngsen . PH 4/3 PENDANÍ Dexwgn PGM Henmnqsen f+ —“-Í+L$ . PH 4V1-4 GLASS PENDANT Deswgn Paul Henmngsen . PH50 Design Pam Henmngsen . PH 5 CONTEMPORARY Deswgn Pou] Henmngsen . PH 5 CLASSIC Design Po… Henmngsen ….L €? 12% 715: ' º'"“'—ÍTU;X .£ * /— /— '? . PH 5—4'/2 Deswgn Paul Henmngsen . PH ARTICHOKE Deswgn Paul Henmngsen . PH SNOWBAL[ Deswgn Pnu4 Henmngsen PH 3/z ACADEMY. Desrgh Paul Hennmgsen nnrsh Hrgh hrshe (hmme plaled Whrte opar grass Marerrar Shades Md…hhlown whrne opar glass rrame Hrgh lustre (hrome p1ated, exlruded hrass Suspensmn Hrgh rosrre (hmme plated, extruded hrass Drmehsrons oramerer 680mm, helght 345mm PH 3v>—3 PENDANÍ. Desrgh Pour Henmhgseh rrmsh Red, Green, YeHuw ahd Whrte, powder (caled Marerra1 Shade Deepdrawn alumrhrum Suspensmn Sr|k malt bmwn, (Upper Drmehsrons Drame|er mmm, helght$07mm PH 4/3 PENDANÍ Desrgn Pou! Henmhgseh F|nrsh Whrte, powder mated Materra1 Shades Spurr alumrmum An!rglare drsc Wh|(e, 5pun a1umrmum Drmensrohs Drameler 400mm, height 200mm PH 4v;—4 GLASS PENDANT. Desrgh Pod! Hehmngsen Frmsh Hrgh hrsrre Chrome plaled Whrte opa| grass Maler|al Shades momhhhwn mau whrte opa! grass Anlhglare drSc Purple, spun a1dmrmum SuspenSroh Hrgh hrstre (hmme plated, exlmded alumrnrum Drmehsrons Drameler 450mm, height 410mm PH 5 cmssr( Desrgn Pou! Hennrhgseh F|msh Whrle, mau 1a(quered Maler|al Shades Spun alumrmum Antrg1are d|5( Spuh alumrhrum Struts ROHed a1umrmum Dimensmns Drameter suumm, helghi235mm PH so. oesroh Pour Henmhgseh Frmsh (hr|r Red, (o(onul Whne, Mrm Brue, 0hve Bra(k or Wasahr Green, g1ossy, Wet rarquered Malenals Shades Spun a…mmlum Anthglaredrs( Spuna1umrmum Slruls kohed a1umrmum Drmerrsrohs Drameler 500mm, helght 285mm PH 5 (ONÍEMPORARV. Desrgh Pour Hehhrngseh rrmsh whrre/Pa1e Pose, Dark orey/rurquorse, Army/Dark Grey, Pare Rose/Green, mau toaled Malenals shadeS Spun a1umrnrdm Anlhglare drs( Sodh alumrmum Struts ROHed a1umrmum Drmensrohs Drameter sunmm, helght285mm PH 5v4Vz. Desrgm Ebbe [hnstensen & Sophus Frandsen, Pou! Hennrtheh Hmsh whrne Marerra1 Shades Spurr a1umrnrum Anlhgla(e dl5[ oroe, spun a…mrmdm srrors Rohed a…mrnrom (oloured ormehsrohs Drameter 466mm, hergh1318mm PH ARTICHOKE. Desrgn Pu… Hennrhgsen rrmsh (opper or snarrdess steel, brushed and (uated Whrte, wet parmed Malenal Leaves Punthed (nppe(, ¡aser ¿… Starn4ess stee1 of punthed sreer Tap shade Wh|le, Spun Slee| Frame Hrgh rusrre chrome p1a1ed, raser (ul sree1 Suspension Hrgh hrsrre (hmme p|aled, 5pun ahrmrnrum Drmehsrorrs 0 480 Drame|er 480mm, hergh1497mm, 0 500 Dramerer 600mm, herghz 580mm 0 720 and a 340 avar1ab1e (o order PH snowmu. Desrgh Pou| Henmngsen Fm|sh whrne, wei parh¡ed Mazerra1 Shades Spun a1umr'rrrum Frame Hrgh rdsrre chrome p1a¡ed, dre (asi a1umrhrum Housrhg Hrgh1us|re chrome p1ated, 5pun a1umrnrdm Drmerrsrohs D4ameler 400mm, height 390mm romson rss/zzo GLASS PENDANÍ. Desrgh mms Paulsºn Flmsh whrne opar grass Marerrar Suspensmn Brushed srarmess sneer Shade Modthehrowrr whrre opa! grass Drmehsrons a 155— Dramerer rssmm, herghr md pendant hurng 260mm, 0 no Dramerer220mm, herghtrnd pendam hmng 375mm mmson 1zo DUO PENDANÍ. Design Lours Pou|Seh Fm|5h Green/ Bronze, Ughl Grey/(oral, Whrre/oreen Man (oaled Dark Grey/ mrqoorse wrlh rex…red Suría(e Mau mated Maxerra1 Shade Spun alumrmdm Refle(lor Spuu ahodrsed aserr Flnlsh Blue/Green, Petroleum, Red, Sand, Yellow/Green, Bld(k, Graphrle Grey or whrle, Wet parmed Materral Shade Spunsleel EaSe orecaslzrhc Stem Steel ormensrons Baseplale 215mm, Shade 350mm, herghl 560mm A] FLO0R. Deslgo Ame larobseo Flnlsh Blue/Green, Petroleum, Red, Sand, Vellnw/Green, Block, oraphrle Grey or Whrle, wel paroled Malerral Shade Splrhsteel Base Drecaslzroc Stem Sleel ormensrous Fool plate z75mm, Shade 325mm,helghl1300mm NJP ÍABLE Desrgh hehdo lrhrsh Whrle or bla(k, powder (oaled Malerral Base Sleel Almsand lamp head Alumlnlum lorhls Anodlsed alomrnrum Drmensrpns Base plale Dromelerzzomm Shade Drameler l49mm, helgh1450mm PANIHELLA IABLE. Deslgn Verner Pantnn Flnl5h whrle opal acrylrr Malerral Shade lhleclroh moulded whlte opal acrylrc Base Whrle, lnletllnn moulded ABS Houslng Whrle, ruleclron moulded ABS Drmehsroos Drameler 400mm, herghl 580mm PANIHELLA FLOOR, Desrgh Verner Pamon Flrllsh Whrle opal a(lyll( Marerral Shade lhleclroh moulded whrle opal acrylrc Base Whrle, rhlecuoh moolded ABS housrog Whrle, r…erlron moulded ABS Slem Whrle, sleel olmehsrons Drameter 500mm, herghl l3osmm PH 2/1 ÍABLE Deslgn Pool Hehhrngsen lrhrsh whrle opal glass ngh IuSlle chrome plaled Malellal Shades Mourhhlowo whlle apal glass Top place High luslre chrome plared, ma£hlned brass Base ngh lustre chrome olaled, blas; Slem ngh lusrre chrome plaled, brass Dlmenslnns Dlameler 200mm, helghl 355mm PH 3/2 ÍABLE. Desrgn Pou| Hennrhqseh lrmsh Bla(k chrome plaled or hrgh lustre chrome olaled whrre opal glass Melerral Shades Mouxh plowh whrre opal glass rop plale Blank chrome plaled ol hrgh luslre chrome plaled, Spun blaSS Base Black chrome plaled or hrgh luslre chrome plaled, blass Stem Black chrome plated ol hrgh luslle chrome plaled, bra55 Dlmenslons Dlamelel290mm,helgh1472mm © floor © PH 3w2v; FLO0R. Desrgn Pou| Hennlngsen Flrll5h Hrgh luslre (hrome plaled While opel glass Malellal Shades Moulhhlowu whrle opal glass roo plate ngh lusrreehmme placed,spuh blass Base hrgh loslre chrome plaled, Spun brass Stem ngh IuSlle chrome plated, Steel Dlmensl0n5 Dlameler 330mm, h€lghl 1300mm PH 4/3 TABLE, oesrgh Poll| Hennrogseo Flm5h Whrle, powder cooled ngh lustre chrome plaled Malerrol Shades Splm alumrmum Base hrgh luslre chrome plaled, spuh brass Slem ngh ILISUE chrome plaled, Steel lrraogular prece Black saodl>lasled, lnle(llon moulded bakellle ormensrous Drameler 450mm, herghl 540mm PH so. Deslgn Paul Hennrhgseh Flnlsh whrleopal acrylrc Hrgh luslre chrome plaled Malerral Shades hrgh pressure moulded whrle opal acwll( lop shade Bla(k, hrgh pressure moulded poly(albonale Base Black, hrgh pressure moulded ABS Stem ngh luslre chrome plaled, Steel Drhrehsrohs Dlamelel 550mm, herghl m5mm PH 4Vz'3'/1 GLASS ÍABLE. De5lgn Poul Hennlngsen FlmSh ngh luslle chrome phled whrle opal glass Malellal Shades Moulhhlowo whrle opalghss Alltlglarerlng purple, Spunalumlmum roo phle ngh loslre (hmme plaled,spun brasS Base ngh lustre chrome plaled, spuh press Stem Hrgh loslre chrome plaled, sleel Drmeosrons Dldmelel 450mm, herghl550mm PH 4V1'3Vz GLASS FLOUR Deslgn Paul Hennlngsen Flnl5h ngh luslle chrome plaled whrle opel glass Malel|al shades Moulhhlown whlle opalgluss Antlglarellng purple, spuhalumrmum roophle ngh loslre chrome plaled,spun blass Base hrgh lustre chrome plaled, spuh prass Stem Hugh loslre chrome plaled, sleel Drmehsrons Drameler 450mm, herghl1250mm ror delalls ol llghl sources, wallages and l¡ghr source Sl1illg, please refer lo l¡ghr Sour(e overview on our web5lle: ioulspoulsen.mm sl sz OX .....OOC . AJ WALL Deswgn Ame Jambsen . A] EKUPTA Deswgn Amejatohsen . PH 2/7 WALL Desqu Paul Henmnusen ¡ PH 3/z WALL Deswgn Po… Henmngsen . PH HAT Deswgn Pam Henmngsen O.. . A] 50 WALL Deswgn Ame Jambsen . PH 3—Z'/z BOLLARD Deswgn Paul Henmngsen . PH 3—ZV1 WALL Desqu Paul Henmnusen - TOLDBOD15S BDLLARD Deswgn m…; Pouken . TOLDBOD 155 WALL Deswgn ans Pouken … Wall & 0Utdoor Al WALL Desrgrr Arne la(obsen Flnlsh Blue/Green, Petroleum, Red, sand, Vellow/creen, Black, Glaphlle orey or Whlle, wet parmed Materral Shade Spurl steel Wall box Spurl sleel Arm steel Drmensrons wallbox drameter 90mm, depth 335mm, helghl laomm Al EKLIPÍA. Deslgn Arne lambsen nmsh Whlle, powder (oated Whlle opal glass Materral (elllng/Wall box me (asl alomrmom al Spun alommrom orlroser Mnumblown Whlle opal glass Dlmensluns [) ZZD Dlamel€l 220mm, Wall bmx dlamelel 83mm, depth 105mm, 0 350 Dlameler 350mm, Wall box dlamelel l72mm, dep… 100mm &) 450 avallable ¡U Dlder PH 2/1 WALL. Desrgn Pool Henmnqsen Flnlsh Whlle opal glass ngh lustre (hmme plaled Materral Shades Mo…ltblown whlle npa| glass Wall box ngh lustre (hmme plated, sp… brass Suspension ngh lostre (hmme plaled, sp… alumlnlllm Arm ngh luslre chlume plaled, blass Dlmensrons wall box drameter lzomm, lamp drameler 200mm, helghl lásmm, deplh Z96mm PH 3/2 WALL. Desron Paul Henmrrgsen Flnlsh wmte opal glass Hrgb lustre chrome plaled Moterral Shades Mouthblown wtme npa| glass rop plate ngh lustre (Nome plaled, 5pun brass Wall box ngh lustle (hmme plaled, spun brass Arm ngh loslre (hmme ploted, brass D.mensrons Wall box drameter 140mm, lomp drameler 290mm, helghl 235mm, deplh 367mm PH HAI. Deslng Paul Henningsen Flnlsh Whlle, wet parnted Materral Shade 5pon steel wall box Sp… steel Dlmensluns Dlameler 225mm, depttr l45mm, wall box drameler 120mm Outdoor A] 50 WALL besrgn Ame ja(0bsen nmsh Wlme, bla(k or alumrmum (olnuled Wllh lexluled sulla(e, puwdel maled Materlal Shade Dle (aslalumlnlum wall box Dre (¿Slalumlnlum Arm Dte(aslalumtmom Dlmenslons Wall box drameter ll3mm, helghl 248mm, depth 349mm PH 3'ZV2 BOLLARD. Desrgn Pou| Henmrtgsert Flrllsh Blatk, powder £oated Maleml rap Shade sp… slamless steel Mlddle/lower shade 5pun slalnless steel shadettolder F0lm pressed glass Post 5larnless steel Dlmensluns Drameler 283mm, betght 909mm PH uv; WALL Deslgn Paul Hennlngsen Flnlsh Bla(k, powder maled maleml rop Shade Spurl slalnless sleel Mlddle/lawer Shade Spurl stamless steel Shadeholder Form pressed glass Wall box ore (¿sl alomrmom wall box (nt/er sport alommrom Arm starnless steel brmensrons Wall box drameter mmm, Lamp dlamelel 283mm, depth 336mm, helghl 239mm ÍOLDBOD 155 BULLARD. Deslng Lours Poolsert nmstr Alumrmum (olnuled Wlth lexltlled sullate nl bla(k Wllh lexlured sulla(e, powder (oaled Malellal Fl>qu Suma… ……y …— … n _…

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