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Viernes, 17 Abril, 2020


Domingo, 31 Mayo, 2020


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Celebra la vida . :…

deTurismo .…

Dñ… fa? 5 Secretaría &

CityD '

Sunny ¡¿ ' —ations

“:" CHAN

» Cabos p. 22
Vallarta p. 25

. : Nayarit p. 28

Cancún p. 35… 1

Riviera Maya p. 3 —' ¡_ * A
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Reinventa el
Destino de tu Boda

Your Ali Exclusive Wedding Experience

Haven Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa is one of the most romantic, tranqurl
and secluded venues in the Mex¡can Caribbean — the perfect setting for a
destination wedding. From our sophisticated desrgn and sweeping ocean views
to our unparalleleci level of hospitahty and impeccable, personalized serwce;
your ciients will be enchanted by our ali-suntes, ali—mclusuve resort. Beyond
anything you can imagine and exceeding every expectation, a wedding at
Haven R|wera Cancun Will enchant and dellght any couple With our unique
aii exclusive expenence.


— Only one wedding each day . All»suites, adults-only property

- Complimentary bridal suite - Expert vendors to create your vision

- Unique wedding packages - Horizontal beachfront hotel design

. Experienced wedding planner - Serenity Club oceanfront suites

. Pre-wedding visit - Butler & concierge service

- Mesmerizing wedding locations - King size beds guaranteed

- FSB Excellence to cater your event . Amenities menu

- Intimate and secluded ambiance - Personalized aromatherapy

¿* hoven LV )(
()riviera cancun 0 0 © “ j¿,/:,,”/¡

resort 8 spa ©havenresorls

“HavenisHere [ ”HaveanieraCancun
+52 998 889 9600 i havenresorts.com i weddings©havenresorts.com

Yes I do...

Mexrco has rt a“. From exduswe fwe»5tar reson and golden
beaches …n turquo|se Waters, to co4onra1 crues wrtn ancrem
domes and cobbled streets. Here are the best destmauons to
celebrate The questron then rs when and wnere do you prefer to
say yes accept and make mamones forme rest ofyour Me? Trav-
e1ers …de to Weddmg ¡rx Mexrco has rnose and many answers

lr! (nrs spec¡a1 eomon of Wedergs (“nat we pubhsh year after
year We offer you me best Ups from an expert Weddrng Pran-
ners, as well as news on desunauons, requrrements, hote es to celebrate … the rmddle of spr1rrg or start the adventure of
your We 1r7 íaH We show you Mexrco as anrdea1desunauonfor
your wedd4rrg. Y… …“ ¿me me Magrca¡ Towns and coiomal e…es,
but 5150 (ne sun and the chrnate of rts beaches su… es Cancun,
Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta,

Gemng marned rn Mexrco rs makrng your dream come true!

nuvmns eu|oz m wsoume … MEXICO

ron nonmnc Desnmxnons

Ame »… w drugs

hrhweddmgs Com

bodosmex ico©rcdholels com

Es undm que recordorós ñodo 10 vado así

que haz que sea moivwdoble

Prepara el escenano con una de nuesñras
colecciones de mspwroción creudo

espec…¡me…e poro campwe…enc… (¡ lo
perfeccwón el muyesfuosotelón defondo

de ese gran momemo

Getting To Your Wedding

1íyou (rave! from the United States DrCan-
ada to Mecho, Aeromecho, Amencan Aw—
hnes, Canada A1rl4nes, United A4rhnes and
Delta awrhnes have numerous dwrect flights
Atlanta, Boston, Ch1cago, DaHasx Houston.
Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York are
ones that are connected to the mom Mex-
1c3n desunauons, from Mecho C1ty Aca-
p…co and Conc… te amoo, Los Cabos…

Me'nda, Oaxaca Puebla, Puerto VaHarta Atlanta ' CDMX ' 3h 45m
and Zacatecas Look for the opuons mm Bogotá CDMX 5h 15m
lmer¡en Jetblue and Viva Aerobus have (0 Boston CDM> get to these desunations From Bogotá ' Chwcago " CDMX 4h15m
Colomba you can use the sen/aces oí1n- D3Has ' CDMX ' 2h 50m
teqet, Av1anca, Aerome'…co or Copa A1r- Houston ' CDM> hnes. If you come from com¡nems such as ' Las Vegas ' CDMX " H 45m

Los Ange1es CDMX 3h 50m
NuevaYork ” CDMX 5h 20m
Toronto ” CDMX “ 5h 20…

Europe or Afnca, Lufthansa and Av France
are very good opuons xo zmve to Rmera
Maya cr Los Cabos … only one layover
at Mécho City.

¡ A o w ., . 355$31f32020 …*JZZ'CE

Barceló Maya Riviera T R AV E L

o… v

…. …… ,,

º4lrs u*º »

andrea© dwpxom 4 Toll Free ” +1(855) 262 685

mvsm=s sume m wsonme … MEXICO mp Roanc DssrwmoNs

voun ,

Vou ve dreamed about at standmg ¡here mgcmev unch a hery sunset… aH your loved
ones ave present and the warm ocean bvse7e 19515 almost I1ke a genne (¿7955 en the 5L

Vou hold hands and stare for & wma to that endless luvquotse sea suddenW evew
moment together Comes back tu you the wst krssx the laughter and
the ¡oy ov took-ng at each other s eyes

The moment ¡S now! the per(ect begmmng (or your new Me IS
… your hands …… o…; Hotels & Resorts .! you …st say yes

Beauhfw settmgs by the sea of Cancun - Tenor—made packages to meet an
Your ve Rehgmus weddmgs and symbol|c ceremomes

og …ew……….…o… ………………-….……… ……t………/…/……… OASISLOVESU

Marriage Requirements

The documents you need to get married in Mexico are:





A completed application form obtained in Mexico at the
Registry Oñice. This includes a statement as to whether the
couple will maintain separate property and assets or have
lolnl property. This statement may not be valid for future
purposes, underd'le legislation of your country of origln.
Valid passport and Migratory Form obtained at the airpon]
Residence Card to prove legal status in Mexico.

Certified copy of meir einn Certificate, 0Hicially translated
into Spanish and carrying the Apostille stamp (see Consular
Services/Legalizations). Further legalization by the Mexican
Embassy in your country of origin may be optional.

li either party has been married before, they must present
either a certiñed copy of the Divorce decree, or-, a certified
copy of a Death Certificate duly translated and legalized es
described above.

A physician's certificate stating that according to the blood
tests and x-rays taken in Mexico, neither applicant suffers
from any eontagidus disease, Additional fees may apply.
Two legally qualified witnesses (over 15 years of age), who
must be present at the ceremony.

Payment oi fee established by the C¡Vil Registry Office.

“These are only general requirements. Resorts and hotels may
be able to provide information about local requiemenis. which

may very.

Los eoeutnentds que neccsltas pata csssne cn México son

= Un formulario de solicitud eorrpleto o 460 CP México er.
la 07 ind de Registro Esto in uyo ui.

la parqa mantendrá bienes y cuyos scpsrados o s

declaracion sobre si

propietí2d comunm Esta dcclaraclón puede no serveids paid
piopós]tos futuro;, según la legislación de su país de origen


Pasaporte válido y forii»uíerio migratorio obten:do en el en-

ropuerro/ tarjeta de tesideneia para probat el estado lega.

en Mexico

H Copa certificada de su Certificado de Na…tente, ziaduci-
do efiaialtrente ai c5pañol y con cl sello de ApostLla (…
Servtoos Consulares / Legalizaciones) L
cloraí por p de la ]:mbaieda dc Mexico en su país dc
origen pucdc sei dpeietzsls

&? Si;lguna de laspartessch casado amos, deban

una copla cerlñcada de de te de divorcio o, una Copla

c edo de un Certificado de (¿emocion debidamente (m-

cgahzaclón edr-


du…dp y legalizsde como se desznbo anteriormente
o Un eciti£eado médico que indique que de acuerdo con los
anilsls de sangre y las radiografías toniad;_. en Méx.

ninguno de los sel…tantes padece ninguna enfermedad
contagiosa Se pueden apli:ar tarifas adicionales

¿ Dos testigos le
que deben estar plcsentcs en le ccrcmoma

==; Pago de la Iasa estalsl…da pet in of…… del Registro c…l

meme cad£c:ldos (mayores de ia ands),

'Estos son so,o !Cqulsltos generales Los rcsotts y hoteles pue-
den proporcionar información sobre los requisitos locales, que
pueden variar

m…»ssulmmwmmuumusxm 10 me……eeesn…rpes



Both body and mind feel better outdoors. Weddings by Blue5ay organises weddings
… tailored specifically for each couple at their hotels in Riviera Maya. Say bye bye to the
" ' - … usual weddings… BlueBay Hotels has signed up to this new and innovative trend: original,

' fun weddings in delightful surroundings conceived from a unique and highly attractive
approach where well-being takes centre stage.

Choose your hotel, create your wedding package and let one of our wedding Specialists
take care of the rest… everything you've always dreamed of!


o amond Lu … v Soutrque Ha


bluebayresons.com - wedd|ngs©grupcbluebay£om — (+52) 984 877 4506

R&pmsemame c……





She is one of the top 10 in Mexico and has been recognized by Forbes
magazine for trajectory.

Es una de las

10 mejores Weddmg Planner de MéX1CO y ha sido reconocida por la rev1sta

Forbes por su trayectona.

Agen… rvs

"I did my first wedding at age 22 From that i decided to open
my brand and prepare mysell in many aspects. But without a
doubt my most important challenge was to organize a distance
wedding between a couple residing in Ainca and they came to
Mexico to celebrate thelr marriage

wlm are the niost (ummm mistakes mide when planning
a wedding?

Not visualizing how they will invest their budgetlrom the begin-
nlng Sometimes they come to me when they have already hired
the place and the catering, and they don't have much budget. It
is always better when it is started from scratch because this way
we contemplate a general budget and make a visualization ol
what they should invest in each olthe items.

wlm are yourtlnee basic tips for planning ¡ life?
The first tip is that the bride and groom have a lot of communica-
tion, that they are very consistent with what they have in budget
and in time, with what they are asking irorn the suppliers. The
second, that they make a comparison and that they do not stay
With the liist option that are super thomugh in planning so that
is days oerare the wedding they can be relax te enioy.

Tell us the three trends that will be fashionable this 2020
The lighting theme is the strongest, lrorn neon letters or signs
with phrases, to all neon decoration. lt is also very fashionable
to dress the tour walls, use pendants, rugs, focal points on the

Tel. (55) 1744.8271

Fh. Nalentinacime
ig. ©v=|entinacurroeventplanner

mvetenseuioam wenoine IN MDGQD

What are the hottest destinations 'in Mexi(o7

CDMX is very much in trend. Couples are looking for historic
enclosures, icebreakers on terraces while they see the city, it is
something very new but there are many groups that are asking
me lor this destination to get married. Also still iashionable San
Miguel de Allende and the city Oaxaca.

Valentina cuerte cor lo años de evperienea como 'rt,'euciiig
Pl:.rrer Aunun su formaclón es como ad…rsrra¿ers de em-
presas. ees…»e rrrria se lnvoluc:o en e e sector gree.es :, que su
famrlla ya cortaba con una compañia de nrus na para bodas y
asi fue que un dia un; rovla a buses y le prole que re ayudará a
p:ancar su bode

Hrce nu primer boda elos 22 años A pa'… de eso decret ab…
¿ s… duda n reto mayor fue organ.zer una boda a d
tancia para una parce que msldí:l en Ai'rree y leelor :.
a celebrar su rr—arrrmorrre

mi ri

¿Cuáles son los errores m'a comunes gue se comentan al
planear una boda?

El no Vlsu:.lizal uesuc el ¡mero ser… Ver a lrveml su presupues-
r A veces me piden a… cuando ya c nrrsrarorr 9, lugar y e
eater ;; y ya no treneii mu o presupuesto Es n:e;or sie pm
…… desee (em porque asi contemplamos un presupueer ge-
nere y lraeerrros una visualizacion ue lo que rleben involth en

cada uno de los rubros

¿Cuáles ¡en tus tres consejos lss'siees para planear unaboda?
El pl rn ro es que ícngan mucha eorrrurrrsserur. los novios que
se y coherentes cor co que "encn en presupueszo y en DC“!!-
pos cor lo que estar pldicndo & .es proveedores Lo se undo
que hagan ur. coirpara:ivo y que no se queden con la mera
opcion y —res que sean supe! rerriucrusee en ;. placeesror. para
que 15 dias a de la boda. suelten y utcn

¿Cuáles son las tendencias para este 2020?

La rlurriiriacier es lo más luei:e de es:e año Desee .etres izeori
o con l'rases hasza toda la decoimlón Tambiér esta muy de
me… ves… las Cuatro paredes. u —.zer colgantes tapas-_: y pun-
ios focaues

¿cunes son los destinos más de mºda en Méxínn?

cmx eses de moda Las pare,as buscan recintos hlstorlcos tempe—
…eos en tenazas mientas ven la cludzict es algo rr.uyr—ueve pero hay
mude grupos que "no están so,lcxtaudu este destino para Casalse
Tambien 51que ee moda San Miguel de Allende y la ciudad o……

E TCP ROMANTIC oesn…nous



Positioned on the celebrated Paseo de ¡a Retorma, Four Seasons Hotel Mexicº City combines
(radwtional elegance wuth1mpeccably modem weddmg amemnes. Funchon spaces and guest
rooms overlook a romant>c fountain Courtyard, while resourceíu! Four Seasons assistance
anncipates your every need.

¡f… .…rv………… ¡»u—… …… … ….

tt ts the ctty of pataces and has mhumerabte ptaces
that Ve(am thetr ortgthat archttecture as WeH as hrs?»
dass hotels wtth excepztonat 5emces to perform your
weddmgs ar'd cetetaraze the bahquet CDM> uruque charm as one of the most tmportarrt megam-
Mes … the war1d. (x.—ot for hoththg was h. narrec Cultural Captta1
of Arhertca, and tt ts prectse1y thts that oFer5 through tts htstory,
W1th more than 150 museums and 1ts fas/:tr'aztng souares and
monuments, as weH as tts excettent semces aha hospttahty by
addtng more than 51 thousahc hotet rooms and easy access to
the 1rrrernattohal Atrport cf Memo Ct(y1 not to mention hs vara-
ous mob…ty Options such as taxts, merrobus aha rretro


mwstzas Gumí m wsoume … MEXICO

Amame s……

And attheugh the me of stay …n deterrmhe the ptae-
es you can vtstt, some of the must-see, tf tt ts your hrst
Urhe th CDM> Then, Cor“.mue W Paseo de la Rev'orma, whtch goes
stratght down to dtsccver rhahy ov'the most trnportan:
rr—useurhs … ThE country From the Naucnal Museum of Anthro-
potogy ahd H¡storyt to the Museum (% Modern ArY ahd rtght W
—…'raht of tt, the Ruíme Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art

your Stay

After Paseo oe la Reforma the art deco area of Polanco 15 located,
vtstt K and do not rmss out on trying 1(S gastrovomtc after s|hce
here you …n f… two of the best restaurants W the Wºrm, Pu…
ana Quantorhh as weH as fashtcn stores and Shoppmg centers W
Luxury hke Amara Or, ym. (BF- go to the uttra-modem Sama Fe,
today thh a new Park, La Mextceha, o" more than 28 hectares Ehd
des4ghed by archtteet and tahdscape cestgner Marto Schjeman.

Bu! you W… uhdoubtedly “BH m love th me Htstortc Cerrar… thh the
Zocalo as a wttness to tts htstory and the rhatrr square of the mty, sur—

rop now…rtc DESUNAUONS


': ¿%.?

founded by the National Palace and the Metropuiitari Cathedrai. as
well asthe mins oi the most important sacred site of Mexico—Tenoch-
titiári and which are located inside the Museo dei Tempid Mayor

in almost any neighborhood you can taste exqu ¡te meals. The
mornings beiong to the tamales carts with their loudspeaker
and at noon, to the tacos de canasta (basket tacosi. There are
taquerias every two streets, to offer roasted meat, al pastor or
spícy stews that are served in tortiiias. Areas such as La Roma,
Condesa and more curhently Juárez, are filled with new propos-
als and original tiayers that show the passion fer High Cuisine.

Another option is to Visit the Coyoacán neighborhood and walk
through the Plaza de la Conchita or go to the Casa Azul (Biue
House) to learn about Frida Kahlo's work, as well as get on a
traiinera and do a water ride on the oid izke in Xochimiico, with
chinampas like the first settiers did.

uusc_ue cl (¡(—Hipo de esta»… cctoL
atún y …r, ;ijurcs de les lmoctdiblcs
CDMX _ 1 c Casttiio de Cm¡eulrcpoe y su
sobzc el Paseo de ia Reforma o o baja … '
b… ……
t…:uscc ]

ios iugzltcs cue po-
— 5u ;)

esque Luego gig»…
& zccia pa doscu»
.:lnícf. dci …… tcscle cl
h »… ci Mur—co .le

mora ma en


c Co'tm'npola-

¡ZCO Ruflno Tan

'Í'tas Paseo de le Rcfotrz se uh. L_C(Ó de *clmce
V'£Í[Cr a y no se qucccc …n Dm

uquísncucuoi vzndos delos: cjozcs tcsíaula

a Zora

su o:'c:to gestionen—iz; ya ci.c
tio Pu-
i 351 tomo Lcrd:is un m.… yscr…cs Comer les de
la O bien, puetictl ir : in vitro r:odcni Santa Fe,
ca 4 detras de
— "ta!xí1no Schjc'x —n

s ¿el mi

…… com Án

… _c—i …— —…o;o ,… u

de pot t arc,uirccrc y p—

ttarcas y


……scumm …,…,,, …e… 19

¡duda se c'mrnox:.rrn de C…… His ' Pc, … ¿ Zú:a o
dccu iustolla y la pl— rclpzli cc ia ¿ udaí_ rodea-

' Mcttopoi
5m_;mdo de I»…

— cr como

05 con Su

cnc.$ cuca

o! o quites e…pct:
ia Co_onlasco (>in oma,Cord uyr—

cpciet— es … tai e ha… de Goya… y eu…mr ,… a
a de 1; c… o :r a a c:
…de Kai—io
acuático … oi …e iago cr y.cclmlte con :h 7
que in(tcmn es px,z*iczos poki;dc es

a obra cc

zui paza ……

s como …… y hs.… …—

anlpas con—o

The CDMX has managed to position itself as a Wed-
ding Destination, and it is that internationally the cou-
pies find in the City a captivating place in which it is
not oniy a day of ceiebratiuri, they ceiebrate tor severai
days. In addition, thanks to cuiturai diversity, weddings
can ide heid with specific themes such as Hindus or under dii—
ierent reiigions, as Weil as Equal Weddings (addressed to the
LGBTTTI community), which by |egai framework are aiiowed to
carry out since 2010. As for places, you can celebrate your wed-
ding in elegant and iuxury hotels such as the Four Season with
its spectacular central garden and exciusive menu settings-, the
St Regis With eight rooms and weddings designed by the expert
Cesar Peiii, as weii as the new Soñtel with 4 rooms and capacity
ior 358 people. ln the Polanco area you can find the JW Marri-

to Eat

top ROMANYIC oesrimriom

at, the thterCehtthehta1 or the Cammz> Reah aH exch.swe and of …;. L ,… — …
exeepttohat beauty Ortowards the me?… …e Aoua Mextco C.ty …» … … …: . » …… v v— —.
wtth weddmg ptanner semces avd roorrs fer up to eos peopte

But there are ateo …… roorrs such as ALtío San Ángel wtth ……

……rhhated waterfahs or garder*s such es San >hpc'hte, a "ormer … _—… … 7 …
coweht, and the dasstc Mayan Gamer wtth banquet serwces 1r'> ' e …. ' …
dudes Far somethmg mare coto…at Of htstahcat ts :he Bt$cayan _ '… '; 7 7 »

C0Hege … the h-'tszcnc Center, or the former Regtna Conve… .
belorgtng to the 1% Century 55 WeH as ¿ rruseum s…ch as the
Jcsé …; C…evas orthe Franz Mayer. …

To szop worrymg about the ar…at ov' ym guests, yot.

cah prsvtde Ubercodescrcreate ¿ team accc.1r'(1 th.s
N' ¿demon to ehs…ng the ahh.ra10fyour g _ 15 can be used
as ah exceHeht gtft for them

… A… ue… Cuy

mwmns emos m wsonme … MEXICO TOP ROMANT1C DESUNAUONS


c:…» ¡ a…… …


Los Cabos

Warm breezes, isi…sie nights; iui| of stars and in-
iinite natura! beauty, the peñecl combination fora ro-
manlic wedding in Los Cabos. The magic of the area
revulves around two ví[[agesz San Jmsé del Cabo and
Sººhºfv Cabo San Lucas. Between one and the other there is
oriiy ha“ en huur of distance, the airport is iocated in San José
de? Cabo. The atmosphere of San José is bmhemiari, Cabo is
known for it nightiile. In both viiiages there are dream hoteis
overiooting the deep biue or the Sea oi Cortez. Ano although
the tcun¡c Arches are an exeeptionai backerp to celebrate a
wedding, there are countless scenarios that wt¡¡ captivate not
oniy the bride and groom, but also the rest oi the guests.


eos pucb,os San :

otro .o o hay me .a;
o pll'!ich Lo ¿si… Jc Sor Jo '
camb.o el de la vid.. ¡ZOL(' en; E'

tre ino y
tx aeropuerto se ubica Q']

… dc oist.arc

eirbot. __)Ubim_os CX!S[C . lio-

…vstsre su…… wmn|uam …o… 2 “,

te es de ohsuofo eoi» vie _ oi ...ui pio oo de Mar de Cortos
(05 soi» un te… ¿e fondo … ….
, hey i—iaiiitioei de escenarios que …os—o-

ºri ai rC>ÍO io io de;—

Y oort¡oo .os ¡CDIZCUS .
p… tooo…i … bo…
—osoiooi tov,cs amb

In San José del Cabo there are the most import»

ant galieries, and to the norrheast the Cabo Pulmo

_ National Park, a marine reserve, a Wor|o Heritage

Dunn? Site with one of the iargest coral reels in the Guii ot

Yº… St“ Cohtornio. it is home to numerous speoies oi hsh,

crustaceans and moHusks; in addition to being a site írequented
by Sharks, ray5 and see |¡ons. Diving here w.i| steal your breath.

But there is aiso the Marina ot Cabo San Lucas where you can
make water exeursions, boat rides, go out in search mf whales
and tour Ek Arco. it it ts season, you must see the spectacle of
humpbaek whales that come here every year to reproduce.

In the nonh you can visit the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Re»
serve There, … a Canyon known as Boca de la Sierra, the zip

me ROMANÍ>C Desr…rioiis

llnes of Cabo Adventures ere round. The clrcuit requires cmsslng
a suspension bndge, rappe||lng and Climbing e stone wall. To
connect with yourself, you have to go to the town el Todos los
Santos, 235 km nuth el Cabo San Lucas, wlth beautitul beaches
for sunbathing or surf…g. At d'|e end elche day, there ls noth…g
better than Sunset ana|isa, whlch besldes havlng the talent el
chet Paulo Della Cone, boasts ol hal/mg the best sunsets.

En S;… Jose de Cabo cs:án las mas '.mpolíanícs glen'as y al
este el ? »un Na…o el Cabo Puetzáol un v sorva me…—a po-
'nomo Natural de l umamdad Con uno de 705 …s grandes
…es… coralmos del Golfo o— Callfoniza Es el hogaz oe …mo-
¡osas cspooos de pues, czus ecos y moluscos ade! ás de ser
sluo lxocucrtado por .lbulon _xayas y lobos :nannos Bucear
aquí las :obará o; a,lento

Pero tamb' ¡¡ está ¿ Mazma do Cabo San Lucas donde patícr
as paseos en la te o se puede solrov. busca de b…-
nesy:ccorzer El A… s. ostoo—pe _ o '… guevo; clespcr: ¿tuo de
las ballenas …obo…—e que ¿de año Wencn aq… pere mpxodu vse


SLO'1CS ar:u

………o… m…… ……m 2 3


Cabe s... Lucas! tsto=kpho!o con

I .a el norte se puch vlslta! la Rus de la Btósfcta s……
Lo Laguna Ah cn un t en conocde ¿o o Boca dc le. Slczm,
sc h:l un as etto.esas dc Cabo Adventures [1 c.xculto …yo a…—
Vcser un puente Colganíc ¿… pº' y escala! ura parec de p,c-
¿… Fara cox:cct:.¿ zon um mlsmo_ hay que n lo… el pucb.o de
To¿es los o. o 138 1… el notte de c be 5… Lucas …— bellas
p,ayaspa: on… o solo…… Pa u……oredo eodo ……
que Suttsc'. Mor ma que aéc'na5 oo cor ¡ con el talento …
di lo Della Cutie se ¡arºma de texto: los mc]oxcs otero…ros

The list of hotels where you can get marned is wlde.
Yuu just have to decide between San José del Cabo
ur Cabo San Lucas. In the hrst there are modern re-
sorts such as Vlceroy Los Cabos or Waldor+ Astana
““ Kººl Los Cabos Celebrate your marrlage in the middle of
a mango urchard at the Acre Baja hotel, among the Whlle archi-
tecture el the Hotel El Ganzo or at the JW Marnott Los Cabos.
There is also the Iavlsh One & Only Palmilla, founded in 1956,
¡n Playa Palmilla. A little lurther south there are other gued op-
Uons: Las Ventanas el Paraiso, Montage Las Cabos, Gran Velas


rap pommr|c Desr…nom

Los Cabos Garza Blar'ca Reson & Spa of Le Blanc Spa Resons.
On Me way to Cabo San …as the you (anf1nd Sheraton Grand
Los Cabos ha…enda del Mar, Esperanza, Ar Auberge Res… and
The Cape, A Thompson Hºtel The extenswe Ea Médano beach
Houses )"otel eornp1exes soon as ».he hote1 R… Palace Cabo San
Lucas ano the ME Cabo The Grano Sohnar Lard's Eno Resort &
Spa 15 dose to the Manna, E1Arcc ar'd the beaches o¿ E1Amar
ano EN Dworcm. ln Q…ra U"e reswoenual peye1opmem … a
golf course deswgned by Jack Mck1a…s 15 Pueblo Bomto Pac…hca
Gov & Spa Reson. You …… faH … ¡me …:h 1(5 wsolatec beach

mwsmas emos m wsonme … MEXICO

'y'10ulsge Los Zabas

Best time. From May … —_
Weather. zoº … 33º

Mejor época. D mayo 3
Clima. zoº a pmmedi

For …se eo… who …sh to many … U"e church
e tape resons offer excephona1ehape1s 'm U"e ceremsry
such as Hacwenaa Dew Mar Chapel, Pahn…a Chapel ano E

Corazer' al Cabo Azu1Resor:



Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta en)oys an enviable location to be lo-
cated in the Bay oi Banderas, With a beautitul coast,
majestic mountains and lush natural vegetatlon, as
“== well as having an excellent climate wlth rnere than
ººº"… 300 sunny days a year. What else do you need? ln
Puerto Vallarta there are plenty of ldyllic settings to peñorm your
ceremoriy Landscapes ef sand and sunsets frern Boca de To-
mates to the north, to Boca de Tomatián ln the south. Abundant
and luxunous hotels, exceptional gastronomy lor your bahquets
and different themes that evol all this you will hnd here.

Goza de una ubicacion envidiable al situarse en la Bahua de Ban-
eeras con una hermosa costa n»a]esruesas montañas y una embe-
rante Vegetac n natural, además de poseer un cxce eme clima Don
rnas ee 300 dias soleados e año ¿Qué mas neeesrtsrrº En Puerto
Vallarta sobran escenarios reruees para reshzar su eererrre…e Pm»
sales de arena y atardeceres desde hace ee Tomates a, norte. hasta
hace ' ar en e. sur Abundantes y lu,eses hoteles, excep—
clone, & stronomia para sus banquetes y ten…, es diferentes que
evocan la tradicion cultural mexicana todo esto lo hallarán aqui

mvstansouinam WEDDING … MDGQD

Barceló Puann Vzllaru

Walk through old Vallarta, through lts cobbled
streets and houses With red tile tools. Visitthe icon-
_ lC Church ul Our Lady o' Guadalupe and the Na-

Dunng val Historical Museum, where it is posslble to learn
Yº“ sºy about the commerclal expeditions that depaned
trorn Mexico to the Phlllppmes. Then go to the Malecon and
go through each of the sculptures, around you will find several
art galleries.

En… the soft sand beaches where you can sun, ski er paraglide
as … Playa de Oro ln Olas Altas and Los Muertos yeu will hnd
several restaurants Conchas Chlnas ¡s ideal for snerkelrng. Playa
Palmares has anly umbrellas and tranquillty. The Twins have a
gentle swell, while Mismaloya, with its Iush landscape, is perfect
torwalking at sunset.

And Between the beaches Las Gemelas and Mismaloya there isa
viewpolnt from where you can see the Los Arcos National Marine
Park. These are two gramte lslands where blue-looted boobies
and other birds live. Make time to get to know the Botanical
Garden, located hallan hour ¡rom Vallarta.

25 mi: ne……reeesn…n…s

¡:;_o'¿ . 40_'j_¡…v;;_o"o ¿¡ o' o_o;


llyou stay longer go south and dlscover Costalegre. It beglns at
Cabo Cerrlentes and ends at Barra de Navldad Cliffs, lungles,
estuarres and mangroyes are concentrated ln lts more than 250
km of sand

Undoubtedly there are rnany reasons why hundreds of
couples travel yearto year to thls heavenly destlnatlon,
and one of them ls ¡or its Wloe range ol hotels and op—

T'1inº tons for all tastes. For example, in the excluslve area
the Kººl el Marina Vallarta there are all-inclusive resorts such as
Casa Velas… Velas Vallarta and Meliá Puerto Vallarta! as well as the
luxury Marnott Puerto Vallarta and The Westin Resort & Spa Wlth
oceanlroht spaces olup to 250 people and menus They adapt to
your needs. To the north some of the mostclassic chains such as
Hilton and Flesla Americana Puerto Vallarta. Whl|e Now Amber
Puerto Vallarta and Secrets Vallarta Bay appear slde oy slde at
Playa Las Glorias.

A lew steps away is the Sheraton Buganyllias Resort & Conventlon
Center that lrldudes packages where the dress is included… as well
as welcome amenltles for the bride and groorn and thelr parents

liyou prefer a ceremorly Wlth few guests, there are some bou-
thue options llke Vll|a Premlere Bouthue Hotel & Romantlc Get—
away .s by the sea ln Playa Conchas Chlrlas you will Ílrld the calrn
of the Grand eramar Hotel & Spa, the whlte and luxurlous llttle
hotel Casa Karma and the Hyatt Zlva Puerto Vallarta. The Hotel
Zone South also has large spaces: from the Grand Flesta Arnen-
cana and the Mousal Hotel that are orlly lor adults, to the all-ln-
c|uslve Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa orthe Barceló Puerto

s ( l:",pc '»4

Sherzmn Buganvlllas Resort & cane"…

mvmas GUIDE m wsnnma … MEX|CO row Rommrlc ossnmmons

. .....'.4¿.;..—W 40


Yhe Wes… Resovl & Spa

VaHarta, whrch ateo has as ¡(5 mam stage the rbmahtrc Mtsmatoya
Beach where the assembty Lakes ptace and offer packages for 20
peop1e and romarmc dmners, as weH as menus wrth gluten-free
opttbhs. Ahother bptroh to get marrred eh a hrdden beach south
of Puerto Vallarta caHed Las Ca!etas. Thts troptca! san:tuary, tn-
habrted by monkeys and parrots, rs bhty accessed by boat. The
ones trr charge of Organlzlng your weddmg there are the opera-
tors of Vallarta Adventures

Best time. Frem Apr¡t to June.

Weather. 16“ to 32“ c average. (¿o to 39 F)
Mejor época. De abril a junio.

cu…. 165 a 32' c promedio.

Remember that rt ¡s a 100 percent tburrst destmattom
so rt w… be better hot to choose dates wrthrh the hot-

rday period! so you … ensure the ptace where you want rt te

take place and without so much agglomeratron.

rmxszees =u|n£m weomue … MEXICO mv RCMANT1C DEST1NATIONS

Riviera Nayarit



Dazzhng bays, targe resorts ahhostvtrgth rstands and
towns of Mexrcan charm, gemng marr1ed on the Riy-
rera Nayant 15 a dream corne true* Coup1es can have
therr Weddmg … the excluswe area of Punta Mita, …
an etegant boutique hotet rn Banderas Bay or rn a
fabulous aH-thclustve resort ¡h Nuevo VaHarta 1h addttton, guests
have a wrde varrety ot achvrt 300 ktlometers of beaches framed by the Sterra Madre moun-
tarns, ¡oxunoos yacht5, stx gotf courses arnazrng shorkehng and
drvrrtg tours, opportuhrtues to be … contact vvrth nature, go shop-
pmg or dehght your patate … gourmet restaurants, al] thrs w¡th
the authentrc Mexrcah havor.

mwnms GUID£ m weonmo … MEXICO

Edgardo Conneras r 51Regrs r…… ……

The entrance to the thera Nayarit ¡5 Nuevo Vallarta,
as rt rs 20 mmutes from the Puerto VaHar-ta 1hterrta-
t1orral Airport. Let yoursetí be pampered rn the spas
of therr all-rhclusrve hotets You Carr atso test your
gotfer sk1Hs erther ¡h El Trgre, a ¡reto desrgned by
Robert von Hagge, or rn the Vrdanta Group, one oy Greg Nor-
man and one by Jack Nrchaus.

your Stay

Dehght your patate wtth the dehcrous seatood Cocktails of the
Bucerías epdal market. tt rs a hshrng vtllage vvrth coooreo streets
and coiorful facades, Which also has che of the cleahest beaches
… aH oí Mexrco. … ¡ts catrn waves the same 15 practrced krtesurí—
mg or kayakthg. tt you love gotng to sea, vrstt the nearby port
of La Cruz de Huahacaxtle, the shrpp4rrg caprta! of the regtorr
thanks to rts Manna Rtv¡era Nayant

Punta de Mita rs 5yhohyrnous wrth exduswity, sthce … thrs
orret pehrhsu1a some of the most luxurrous resorts are b…!t. If
you book earty, you cah oartrctpate … the exped.trons that sort
from here to the Maristas ¡stands to observe humpback btrds or
whaies ¡h wthter

A very co!orful town rs Sayuhta, a surfers favonte Where you th
¡md everythrhg from bakerres and romarmc restaurants, to art and
desrgn gatler.es You can arso vrsit Sah Bras and vrsrt rts Fort La Con-
taduría and the ruths of the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary.

row Rowwrrc ossr…rrohs

La entr… a la Rmera Naya… es Nuevo Ver
Lana pues se cncuen:ta & 20 …
Aeropuerto Internacional de Puerto
Dc)aíc co sentir en los spas de sus noto.es
todo incluido Temblor puedes por… a pruer
ba tus capacidaces ce go.hsta ya sea a
"_que campo diseñado por Rob… van ha
0 en los campos del Grupo Vldanta …
t_—e Greg Norman y oz… de Jack Nick;aus

Delettcn su pelada“ Ver los Cellcxosos cocteles
de mariscos del ¡" mado ejidal de Eur:enas
Se trae de un pueblo pesquero … cd es em»
pedradas y ¿amada de colotes, que adoxmís
cuer;3 … una ue las playas mas limpias de
[OGG ito… En s tranquilo o;ea¡e lo mismo
se pta a lcíc:.urz kayak si msn hacerse a
la mar. visiten el ce. ano pue…: de La Cruz de
Huan3caxde caprta nzmeza ue a xegtón gra»
mas a su Marma Riviera Nayarit

Punta de Mita es em…… de exclusl dad
ya que … esta breve peninsula se l……n
agur… de ¿os resor£s mas tu…… si reset»
… co'1 nen»pu podran pa:uclpál en ;as
expediciones que de aqui zarpan hac as
Islas Ma… “ pz.taobsezvat …s () balones
jorobad -r'


u pueblito muy cosorldo es Sayu.rra …»

edo de sutfcts donde encontraran desde
panaderías y roman cos restaurantes has:a

galerias de arte y tus 0 Tamblcr pueden
conoch Ser: Blas yvlslíex su Fuer.e La Cor—»
taduyíay —as … as de a : 9513 de Nuestra

¡a tan—' Rosario

Edgardo [muevas/51Regis Pu… M…




“" “… ln Nuevo Vallarta is the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta Grand Velas Riviera
Nayarit is also located in the same port, where you can join in a ceremony oñiciated
by a Hulchol shaman Manval Residences Luxury Resort. Dreams Villamagna Nuevo
Vallarta and Hotel Riu Palace Pacílico. A little further north is Punta de Mita and its
lawsh hotels, such as The St Regis Punta Mita Resort with semice that includes an
exclusive room lor bridas and spa treatments for the bride and groom. Four Seasons
Resort Punta Mita, lberostar Playa Mita and W Punta de Mita.

This beautiful Mexican destination has the most romantic hotels, spectac—
ular beaches, delicious cutsins and, above all, special attention to every
detail to organize this great event.

ln the same area there is a boutique hotel called Casa de Mita. Nearby, in Higuera
Blanca, lmanta Resorts impacts by the surrounding exuberancia and weddings live

it…… Nayanl

rap ROMANnC oasrimrions


meters hígh … rts Observatory. True to Sayuhta's re13xed atmo—
sphere rs the Playa Escondida hotel, whrch orgamzes barefoot
1uxury weddmgs … 1(s private bay. And … San Pancho, the Hotel
Cie!o ROJO seems idea! 50( more ¡mimme receptions For ¡(5 pan,
the eco»chrc cabms of Punta Monterrey guarantee you 3 total
commumon with nature because rt ¡s Nocated ¡n the)ungle slopes
of the Siena Madre Occidental

1251 he ¡—*oso L_Csilro mc>ucaro nena 705 h

p…a……s playas … …… gas…»…
a… … …… de los ¿…nºs— p

y some toco ma cspcc¡al
181 este

zan cv


En Nuevo '»'alaxta esta (-
puerto ta—ubm

'. el :msmo

y… R…… Nay: ' d…—dg pue-

…… unurc en una cm.… »… o 'la … u
Max — Rc5.dcm Í_l'u¡y Rc;ou D a' s 'V.
A ,(ay Hotel R o u

Punta de :
M.ta es… con se…

(¡10505 nom es
m _s …o …… uyo …—ahahrza…n .
Japmz¡ … sy ¡menos d… p va lo … 03 1—0… 5…-
soxL Rcsou P… ya M:ta Ibexo£ízn Pray; Vra V PL11[C ¿o Mem


… la e>u-
un en

mv£|_£ns Gu|DE m wsnnme … MEX|CO

su Obscwc.touo … al .… …r… de s…… es c hotc,
ra… ,..conuxda … oxganz. bodas ba! … A….ury cr su
px'vada Yen S;. l'a C.c 0 Rojo se
:o¿epgoncs mas Po … p… x;. s
(a Mortcney to ¡¡ total con … 'mtumleu
po. “nal.a. c en las se

un as cto-c.

zar una comun
¡cas laderas ..c la …e! … Líad¡o Oí;dcntal

Best time. Fr ' "

Mejor época. Dr;
Chm. '

The St Regis Punta Mita Resort has ¡(5 Bnde To Be
Boatcamp weuness program, which mdudes frmess
sessrons, spa therap¡es and medrtation on one or Mexxco's
must excluswe beaches.

Tha St ch.s ?…¡za Mr.a Rc…r …o… cor. su pmgx

_ de
… … sº…… de
le spaymcu1

bienestar 3»… To Be Boorcamp que

…cov.¿… …m…w …… r……

…… N……

row ROMANWC Dssr…rroNs

!…gñ “WWE"
un ¡¡un un una



Located northeast of the state of Guerrero, and

iormed by two paradises, Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, was

chosen by TripAdvisor as one of the Top Ten desti-
nations for romances in the Caribbean and Mexico.
Here couples will get the Charm end charisma of a
town with style such as Zihuatanejo, (or an uniorgettable (east,
and the sophistication and warmth of Ixtapa. From vibrant and
mass weddings, to private ceremonias, both facing the stage of
beautiful beaches, delicious iood and a pleasant climate. That is
the promise of this cornerof the Pacific that falls in love twice.

Leeahzaeo ni …es… ¿et estado de Guerrero y formado por dos
paraísos, [. a y Zihuatanejo fue elegido por Tr! Advrser como
uno de los destinos Top Ten de los IO 1C riiee y M…-
to A… las pam]as obtendrán el encanto y carisma de .… pueblo
con estilo conz ¿o es Zlnu:ltancjo pa… un banquete lnolvld:lbl€,
y la sofisticación y calidez de pa Dcst bodas vibrantes y
… udmaxia hasta aere…e…aa privaees_ ambas ire… al CS-
ccnano de bellas playas, comida deliciosa y un agmdabío ( i…
Ese cs la piomcsa dc csío ncún ¿e Peehto que nnamom por
pamda dai…

Walk through the center of Zihuatanejo and visit its
Handicraft Market that Sells wooden boxes and wo-
_ ven palm hats. Then you can go to the bay from the
… Main Pier and en… the beaches. On the side of
Yº“… Zihuatanejo Playa La Ropa ia perieet for swimming
because ¡ts crescent shape protects it from intense waves. Also
in Las Gatas the water is perfect for snorkeling; while Playa Prin-
cipal is an option to travel in a panga. ln Ixtapa you can take a
blcycle and take a tour of your boulevard, ge through the Mari-
ha, the Golf Course or reach the Azllan Park.

eos et:

As tor beaches, Playa Larga it's the best for tanning, for water
spons there is Playa Palmar, and to learn to surf Playa Linda. If
you like golf you should het miss the Palma Real Golf Course,
designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., or Visit the Marina Ixtapa
Golf Club, with bridges, ponds and undulations.

if you are a culture lover, you should visit the Arehaeoiegicai
Museum oi the Costa Grande located in Zihuatanejo, in whose
reems you will see vessels, acu|pturea and utensila etthe olmec,
Mexican, Tarascan and Teotihuacan cultures. And don't forget
to visit La Ropa, the longest beach in Zihuatane¡o, with hotels
with few rooms and a restaurant that has been offering a shrimp

lszvisaslxupz cocktail (or more than 25 years, to lobster meatballs.

……er…a… …...a…… 3 1 ma nomnmicbsrinmons

Best tlme.F—J'


Me|or época. D ……7 Mar
ch… ¡¿ ¿ …me—1…

ÚTIP If you are looking for ; dttferent space to carry out

yaurweddmg oh the beach, the(e 15 etso El Rmcón del
Rey, the Baneto Garden or Kay Kan House, 3“ wtth banquet,
music and decorattoh servtces.

The vast majotity of hotels … Ixtapa Zihuatanejo have
services, facthttes and adv>ce tor the deve!opmeht of
weddmgs on the beach. Many of them have a spectf—
m area … their work team … orde( to offer so1uttohs
according to the needs of each couple Fot exampte,
the Azul lxtapa Grand or the Club Med Ixtapa Pacwhc, provide
brida! packages that are complemented by the1r all-mcluswe ser-
v1ces. Cala de Mar Resort & Spa 15 a beautitu1hotel made up of
Swles nest>ed on the chf+ stope, as well es Las anas lxtapa, a
beautttul hotel destgheo by thardo Legorreta, wrth cerempmes
oh the beach or on the terrace with packages that mdude hote1
mghts ¡of the coup1e and theír parents Located … Ptaya Palmar.
Barceló )xtapa and Suhscape Dotado Pac¡hco are 1deal fot a cel-
ebrauoh wtth all íamt!y members.

Zthuzmneju hote15 are prefects for a more excluswe wedding. La
Casa que Canta, a dasstc hotet whose arch1tectute 15 destgned
so that you always have ah ocean vtew, or in the heart of La Ropa
Beach, Thompson Zihuatanejo, as we“ as Hotel Tehtacwones,

wtth only tour rooms and a terrace for you and your guests cha Meat…pe Pe…

mv£|_£ns eu|nsm wmnmem MEX|CO ' TOP Row…nc DEST1NAT10N5




Acapu1co it's one of the destrnatrons wrth more expe-
nence … weddxngs productron. And 1t4s that, not for
nothmg here H0Hywood stare hke Ehzabeth Tay1or,
Make Todd and many others have marrled, seduced
by therr golden sand dec1anng thexr1ove to the cou-
pte at …s Me as John and Jackre Kennedy Aoaputco has that
romantrc atmosphere wrth rts vrotet sunsets that are reí1ected …
rts sea from the Pacrírc, írorn the center to the Trad1ttonalAca-
pu4to, passrng through the Golden Zone, w4th ¡ts etassrc beaches
that extends around the man bay. Whtle … Punta Diamante, not
far from the rnternatrona1 arrport, 1uxury resrdentxa1 resorts and
resor'.5 prohferate. The perfect scenano to say "yes, ! do "

nuvztzns =umnu wsnmr4= … MEXICO

Las anas Atapuch

© La Quebrada, a o… over 45 meters htgh from whrch

rntreprd youngsters have been yurnprng Into the sea

D“…º srnce 1935 Then you can v154t the nearby Hotel F!a»

Yº… Sºy rnrngos and enjoy the sunset, the property ¡5 a classrc

srnoe rt was once the home of actorJohnny Weresmúher, who gave
hte to the character of Tarzan.

Anotheropuon rstotake a boattnpto exptore Roqueta te!and, locat—
ed ¡rr front of Caleta and Calettlla beaches," or v151t the Acapulco Hts»
tonca1 Museum, the Fortoi San Drego, belongrng to the 17th century
and bmlt to protect the Spanrsh gaerns that amved trorn Manda

But rí you are adventurous, then you have an appomtment wrth
the Xtasea Zap hne located over the sea and 1800 … long. You
wi“ admrre the ermre Bay of Puerto Marqués. A must vrsrt rs Pre

de15 Cuesta. Here you come to enjoy the sun and the sunset or
to take a boat nde between mangroves.

rop nowwnc DEST1NATIONS


árº£“%&º%ẩº &>9

Otra opción cs pasear en barco para recorrer la Isla de la Roqucra,
ubrcada frente a las pfayes Calcta y Ca¿ctrl1a, o visitar cl Musco
Hlstórlco de Acepurco, cl fuer.c de San Diego perteneciente al
s)glo xvu y corrstrurdo para proteger a los galeones españoles
que ambaban desde Ma…1a

Pcro Si son de alma ev nturcra, cntonccs ' nen una cita co
trrolcsa de Xtasca ubrcada sobre cf mar y c 800 ir de largo Ad-
…rrararr toda la Earbra ce Puerto Marqués Un oblrgado es yrsrrar
Pic de la Cuesta Aqui“ se Viene a dtslrutar del sol y el atardeccr o
a pasear en laacba entre mangl



Choose to many one of the hotels on the shore of
Acapulco Bay, in the heart of Traditional Acapulco.
Some, such as the Boca Chica Hotel in Playa Caletil-
“lin? la, maintains their retro atmosphere despite having
ºhº Knºº beerr rerroyateo. In the middle of the bay, not far
from the modem Fiesta Americana Villas Acapulco, another clas-
sic stands, Elcano Acapulco. lts lobby is unlorgettable, as is the
paella ol its restaurant. ln Playa Guilarru'n there are many other
options to celebrate your marriage. such es Las Brisas Acapulco
With Tiffany chair mounts, Lhree-course menus and exceptional
views, or the all-inclusive Park Royal Acapulco.

A little further south, in the Brisas del Marqués subdivision, is the
Encanto Acapulco, with avant—garde architecture. The small Bay
ol Puerto Marqués serves as a shelterlortwo majestic hotels: on
the one hand the Camino Real Acapulco Diamante, on the other
the Banyari Tree Cabo Marqués. Maybe you prefer to celebrate
in Lhe exclusive area ol Punta Diamante, home of Quinta Real
Acapulco, Pierre Mundo Imperial and Princess Mundo imperi-
al. AH three have views of Playa Revolcadero For its pan, The
Grand Mayan, Grupo vioanta, and Mundo imperial Resort have
countless rooms, restaurants and banquet spaces.

Eiryan para casarse uno de :os botc.cs a la orrlla de ¿a Bahía de
Acapulco cn el corazon ¿cs Acapulco rroc'rcrorzai A,gunos_ como

……rrserrrom wmn|uamnexm 34

cc…a…a cue la c…… '

cl Holst Boca Cinco en P.aya Cioulla, conscrvatt su arrrxóslera
torre a pcsar rlc lrabcr srtlc renovados A media bahía, no muy
lejos del moderno 1'lcsía Amcrrcana Villas Acapulco se lavan-
ta otro c srco, Elcano Acapu¿co Su lobby es inolvidable, como
tamblc,, la paella cc su ycstouranzo Er— Dlaya Gurtoxrbr hay otras
tantas opcrcrrcs para celebrar su matnmomo como Las Enst
Acapulco con monta]cs cn sil.as Tiffany, menus cc trcs —'lcmpos
y cxccpcrorarlcs vistas, o el todo ntclulóo Park Royal At oleo

Un poco más al sur en ¿ fracciorsmlenlo anes del Marques c
Encanto Acapulco dc arquitmtura vanguardista La pequeña Bahía
de Puerto l uucs srrve de resguardo a dos ma¡estuoaos hotele de
un lado el Camino Real Acapulco Diam » oc otro el Banyen Tree
Cabo Marques Tal vcz pmheras festejar en la cxclusrva zona de n…»
ta Dramarrrc, hogar de; Q…… Rcoi Acapulco, Pierre Mundo Impcrr
y Puntos Mundo impcrral Los tres trcrrcrr meta a la Playa Rcvolc..
dcro Por su partc, Tbc Grencl Ma…. dc Grupo Vl Mundo Ilnpezral cucrrran con ret ad de lrabr:acroccs_ restaurartes
y cspacros para banquetes


Few destinations olfer ari opportunity to watch the
sunset over the Pacilic like Acapulco. Take advantage ol it
and organize the wedding ceremony at that time and better il
it is in front of Playa Revolcadero, one oí the best views
Pocos dc5lmos ofrecer. una oportunidad de ver la puesta del
sol sobrc el Pacífico como Acapulco Aprovc'cbc…o y organ
cer. la ccrcmorla de bodas cr csc borarro y mmm si es lrcmc
a la Playa Revolcadem, una de res mejores Vistas

row RGMANnC ozsr…rions


Beaches! loungesand …p…11e1ed natura! semngsare
Ó the1deal settmg te sea! ¿ promwse of Neve … thxs desn-
nztion m the state 05 Qumtana Roo. Cancun is one of
The the tavonte nationa1 and íore|gn tounsm to perform
Scenen¡ 5H kinds of ceremomes from Hwndus and Mayas (0 CM!
and rehgwous Weddings. thhts from all parts of the world amve at
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Lagoon and the turquowse blue waters of the Canbbean Sea. When
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countless 1uxunous hoteis for your weddmg, es weH as uniorgetta-
b1e experlences to get mamed m majesth cenotes, dwmg at the
bottom ohhe sea or … the rmddle oíthe ¡ungle

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rav nowwnc DEST1NATIONS

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u yúu'H mr. mu .urns, rr me Cancun Maya Museum… ¡(5
…m- arde de gn b…1dmg protect; one 0Hhe most m1 ant
archaeologwcal coHectw—:—ns of Mayan e……re … the country. The
also mcludes n Mrg…e…o Archaeologlcal

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v… 1513 M…eres, ¿ naH …… ofpaste!-colored hou es acces>ed
bv ferry Am in rts North Be , Walk through t s…1p…rz,1
garden [nr practu; kayakmg and sr…w ¡mg … me uarr3hí—n Nat-
wal Park You tan a (: hi ¿ tourto see Isla Contoy, a protec d
natural area n(n1h —;—f 1515 M…ere where many mrds MX.—e.

w yúu're srayrng more ume, d…;— not .orgel … go to Holbo 11 rs
warm staqu a few day f>em¡ngos p boarde on
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or you can serz your mms and en P…… Laguna 3 natu re-
.-:— where you can —;—bser pwder múnkeys.

mvmns sume m wsnnme … MEXICO

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gel“, ¿ll/….



La experiencia enla organización de bodas en una de las playas más hermosas del paraiso caribeño nos ha posicionado como la mejor opzión
para crear la atmós era ideal en cada evento; ya sea de día o de noche, con un romántlco munt:Je o enla comodidad de nues

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